About Summit Christian College

Summit Christian College, with its exceptionally strong emphasis on world outreach, stands proudly as an important contributor of higher Christian education among our sisterhood of four year colleges. Its educational philosophy is built upon a solid foundation of sound Biblical doctrine and practical ministry training. Its emphasis on quality education is underscored by its principled approach to hiring professors and staff who have had an abundance of quality experience in missions and ministry and who remain highly involved in ministries outside the context of their work at the college. This practice has proven to provide its professors with an outstanding ability to speak authoritatively on the practical application of their subject matter to real life circumstances. Students attending these classes comment often on the high level of trust they have in their professors because of the way they share their experiences in the world outside the context of the college classroom. 

Aerial Image of SCC

Summit Christian College's beautiful campus offers its students a very pleasant atmosphere to live and study in as they prepare for the future. In addition to the new dorms, complete with individual restrooms and sinks the new campus provides the students with a spacious library and a modern, up-to-date computer lab and well equipped classrooms to help them with their studies. Attractive dorm lounges that open to spacious outdoor court areas along with a great commons area provides the students with pleasant settings for relaxation and fellowship. The campus itself is conveniently located off the walking trail that leads to the top of the Scotts Bluff National Monument. Those who venture the seven mile hike are welcomed with the wide panoramic view of the beautiful Platte Valley region which stretches out from the historic Chimney Rock landmark on the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails way off to the east, all the way to the distant Laramie Peak to the west that stands out among the high peaks of the Wyoming Rockies.

Summit Christian College is a great college, which provides all who study here with a great opportunity for learning in a great setting at a great price. 

Did you know that if you are seriously considering a degree in ministry, Summit Christian College offers you this opportunity at perhaps the greatest rates available? Even colleges that offer zero tuition find it difficult to beat our rates. Take a good look at our tuition calculator and then compare your findings with other Christian colleges. A student taking 16 credit hours with housing and basic fees covered will pay less than $3,500 per semester. In comparison a student can obtain a ministry degree with an emphasis in ministry, missions or Christian Education for as much as $40,000 less than the average Christian College tuition.

This is important information. These highly affordable rates are deliberately maintained on behalf of the Church, not for competitive purposes, but to provide its graduates with the greatest opportunity possible to enter into ministry debt free. Such an opportunity should not be overlooked nor lightly taken. Thanks to the generosity of supporting Christians and churches throughout the region and the sacrifices of the faculty and staff along with focused planning, Summit Christian College offers those who are serious about Kingdom service an unparalleled opportunity to successfully accomplish their goals, to the Glory and Honor of God.

David K. Parrish